RED IS THE COLOR OF THE RIVER PULANGI and Other Stories from the Margins

Published by RMP-NMR, Inc, supported by Taiwan Foundation for Democracy. Book Price: P220.00 (exclusive of freight) Synopsis A family’s gruesome fate in the hands of their supposed “protectors.” A mother wracked by guilt for the death of her son. A fisherman finding out the hard way what the laws are not. A government worker and a community leader paying the ultimate price for going against “developmental programs”. And three other stories of community folks whose plain lives were caught in the vortex of state oppression and repression in Northern Mindanao, Philippines. Woven from various reports, affidavits and anecdotal interviews, the Rural Missionaries of the Philippines-NMR has attempted to give these stories a human face and actual feel. These stories, brief as they are, refuse to be simply relegated with the ever-growing statistics of state-sponsored violence and human rights violations in the country. More than despair and anguish, they seethe with anger and defiance; spur indignation and action; and offer hope amid intense struggle to defend people’s rights. They struggle to rise above the margins. Email us at for orders