Let us protest at what is happening in Marawi City

Let us protest at what is happening in Marawi City. The residents are being attacked both by the armed group who seized the hospital and the AFP men that conducted aerial bombardment.

Let us condemn at how Marawi City is being turned into a battleground, using symbols such as the black flag of the ISIS and making this look like a scene in ISIS-areas in Syria. Let us criticize those who fan Islamophobia by focusing only on the symbols such as the flag rather than the consequences of the attack to the residents of Marawi City.

Many are alarmed that this might justify the Martial Law that the President and his militarized cabinet has been projecting for many weeks now, as a response to terrorism.

May the people of Marawi be spared from the machinations of people who have selfish interest behind this act.

May our government be enlightened that their all-out war attacks against extremism is taking its toll on the civilians and not on their targets.

How could we believe now on their propaganda of winning in their all-out war, of having decimated the Abu Sayyaf in Sulu and Basilan, when we see this happening in Marawi City.


Amirah Ali Lidasan

Former National President

Suara Bangsamoro


[Photo credits: Manila Today]